Saturday, March 23, 2013

WoW Schools Gold Guide

Short gold guide for WoW Update in the program for today. Now I know it's a bit outdated and a bit outgunned and out everything, but really now that's how it is supposed to be so quit complaining. The gold guide from WoW Schools.Com is a nice and straight to the point guide that helps out beginners learn the basics of gold making in World of Warcraft. Clear? Ah well if you want to read the whole review then I recommend you drop by Reaching the WoW Gold Cap and read see just how I do a review when something is as good as it should be ...

I will only say that the average grade for this 5 out of 10 (although officially it's a 6) and overall they really should improve their guide making talents and keep up with competition such as Zygor, Dugi or Tycoon!

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