Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hayden Hawke's Gold Guide VS Tycoon Gold Addon

Now there was a lot of talk recently about what guides are better and why and people have been arguing without any serious arguments over all that and this sucks, because after all we talk about money, products and services here. So if you pay for something you should expect only the highest quality crap, but we all get along with any kind of shit as long as it is nicely wrapped!

Today I analyzed this issue considering the top gold guides for World of Warcraft, Tycoon Addon and Hayden's Secret Gold Guide right here -> Wow Gold Guides Tycoon vs Hayden! Drop by when you have time and see what came out when you bring some serious arguments and you narrow it all down to money and service without promising the moon and the stars (That's for Khal Drogo there!) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hayden Hawke's Gold Guide for Warcraft

So then this time we have another product on the table, and since WoW is my most accessed and talked about topic, I decided to have one more on it. Hayden's Gold Guide is one guide that helps players make some gold while playing, or so they say. Personally I'm not convinced, but still if you guys like the saying "having gold is sexy" or "hayden has more gold than deathwing", be my guests.

Anyways feel free to check out the full review right there: Hayden's Gold Guide Review for more info and then drop by and see if I kid you about this guide, still it ranks in pretty high so it must be of some use, that's just why I actually took the time to write this!