Monday, October 31, 2011

SEO - Lesson 4

In the fourth lesson you will more about three of the most used methods when it comes to building backlinks through a predetermined SEO strategy.
  • Three way linking
  • Article submission
  • Directory Submission

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silver Lotto System

Silver Lotto
So it's been a long time since I last wrote a review for a product like this, but it is always good fun doing it! Now apparently there is this guy (old and still not bald) that goes by the name of Ken Silver! Now there's nothing special about him, except the fact he's a "poor" millionaire. Yet still he did not play the damn stock market nor did he inherit his fortune, no sir (he claims at least) to have won every last bit of it, and the lottery history book seems to agree on this one, he won like 4 times some big prizes and many more times some smaller amounts of cash (anywhere between 10k and 80k).That's not bad is it? I mean not bad at all ... Still after all this winning, guess what he decided to do ... Yep, you got that right, he started doing online business, by selling the formula to anyone wiling to give him 100$ for it (at first), seems like a pretty good deal right? 100$ for the chance to win over 1 million $, still the problem that made me skeptical was the part with the chance ... Personally I hate taking chances for 100$, hell I hate doing so even with 50$, still somehow he must have found out of this and reduced the price to 39,95$ in the past week! (I am joking offcourse). When I saw that, I finally decided to give it a try, I signed up and then starting learning the so called "miracle" tricks. Well as any idiot would do, I went and bought a ticket using the tips for the site and guess what ... Yep that's right ... NOTHING! I did not won anything at first ... Then, the next week again, same scenario, nothing! But when I got the third ticket, using exactly the same trick, surprise, I won an amazing 200$! Well it is better then nothing and in fact much more then I actually paid for it so hey it was worth it! So if you have never ever won anything and you want to start doing so,I assume this is a good place to start,  drop by and take a look, who knows maybe you will win THE BIG PRIZE! Either way I say it's worth a try, because if somehow you don't like it or there will pass 2 months without you earning a penny you can always request a refund. So there you have it, risk free lotto system by Ken Silver!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

SEO - Lesson 3

Here you have the third lesson, continue improving the visibility of your website by applying these search engine optimization tips as well, Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SEO - Lesson 2

Here's the second lesson, I do hope you will find it useful. 
Note: even if you know most things about SEO I do recommend watching as you will most certainly learn something new yourself.

SEO - Lesson 1

Here you have lesson number one of Brad Callen's SEO Dominion Course, Enjoy!


Search Engine Optimization Stats
So ... whenever you talk about making money online you talk about traffic, regardless of what you have in mind, meaning what method you want to use, more then 90% of them require traffic in order to earn you money. So before talking about how to make the money (like the methods that I wanted to explain here) we must talk about traffic and how to get it to your blog or website. Still I am not that good of a teacher, so I will let the ones better then me explain how stuff works. However what I'm going to say is that the most important tool of traffic you can get atm and asap is Google and the many other search engines, however especially G! Get noticed by them and more then 50% of the work is done. Now straight to the point ... there is a free course online that I found very interesting and that proved very useful to me when starting my work online. The course is called SEO Dominion and it's made by Brad Callen, so in the following posts I will share them with you, and I do hope that you will find them just as useful as I did.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Long time no see ...

It's been months since I've last visited this blog, however I do assume that it's worth being taken up again and kept up to date, due to a simple reason ... The world is evolving, and as it does so, products and money making strategies rise and fall before our very eyes, this is why it is very important to keep it together and if there is any chance of having success in this "mad world" that awaits us out there, the one and only key is "information". In order to be one step ahead the competition you need this one simple thing, info, about everything you're interested in and many more fields that you honestly don't give a damn about, who knows maybe if you just happen to say it before someone else does you could be the next Bill Gates (so to say). Anyway ... I was thinking a little about making the blog a little more interactive and above product reviews I would also like to share my experience in online business with you. So far I have accumulated almost 1 year (I know I may be young, but still ... ) of doing business on the web and I can assure IT'S BLOODY HARD! But don't give up just now, because a good friend of mine told me once, that when it comes to business there is always room for one more competitor (provided he can keep up). With this being said I do believe it's time to conclude and hope that something good will come of this eventually. I invite you to come back at anytime later and check out the blog, who knows ... maybe you will find something you like :)