Saturday, March 30, 2013

WoW Patch 5.3 PTR

So guys finally the chaps of Blizz have began testing the latest (and last) of them patches for Mists of Pandaria, to be more precise patch 5.3 which ends the line of Hellscream. Now off course that personally I am all about the lore when it comes to games like this, but the updates go far beyond that.
Cutest pets ever ... Baby Direhorns :)

Now the word is that the updates will be made to the Brawler's Guild so that it may provide even more challenges for max leveled players and off course as usual, new mounts and new battle pets updates plus the many new items and icons that are to be changed. Plus it appears that they will also be adding a new battleground, Gold Rush and a new arena as well, Shado-Pan, pretty good news for PvPers if you ask me!

Anyways the testing is underway and soon enough we'll be having a new challenge in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Also Zygor already began working on the updated guide and as the testing moves on I am sure that all the other guides will be updated too for patch 5.3. For a few more words on the newest PTR drop by World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Testing. And that's quite about it for now, I recon we'll be back with some more serious products as soon as they are available.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

WoW Schools Gold Guide

Short gold guide for WoW Update in the program for today. Now I know it's a bit outdated and a bit outgunned and out everything, but really now that's how it is supposed to be so quit complaining. The gold guide from WoW Schools.Com is a nice and straight to the point guide that helps out beginners learn the basics of gold making in World of Warcraft. Clear? Ah well if you want to read the whole review then I recommend you drop by Reaching the WoW Gold Cap and read see just how I do a review when something is as good as it should be ...

I will only say that the average grade for this 5 out of 10 (although officially it's a 6) and overall they really should improve their guide making talents and keep up with competition such as Zygor, Dugi or Tycoon!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leveling Guides by Dugi

Short product update this day with a tiny review article for one of the best leveling guide made for World of Warcraft. Dugi's guides provide that extra help on how to level solo from 1 to 90 without any difficulties. In other words sticking to the main questline and skipping all the useless back and forth grinding thorough the leveling zones.

So without dallying anymore here's the link to the full article review: Leveling Guides by Dugi Reviewed. Check it out and then drop by the other reviews as well and compare the offers and you know, just choose the one that suits you best!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Heart of Swarm Launch & Guides

A couple of days ago (as I assume all of you gaming fans are well aware) Blizzard finally launched the expansion for Starcraft 2. Heart of the Swarm brings plenty of new stuff in terms of units, several gameplay improvements and more ... However one of the aspects I appreciate the most will be the campaign and off course the opportunity to kick some serious ass in the multiplayer games.

Getting straight to the core of the problem it is good to tell you that some guidance might be required for some of you lesser players ... And if somehow you are one of them, I also have some updated guides ready to make you a serious SC 2 ass kicker! Just swing by Heart of the Swarm Release Guides and check out my full article on the expansion and off course on the new guides which have also undergone several major updates to include the Heart of the Swarm content as well. Now off with you, Kerrigan is waiting for me ...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Official WoW Patch 5.2 Updates

Yet another short update for the ever expanding world/game collection of Warcraft! The Thunder King, the patch 5.2 raid is finally ready to be challenged and along side with this off course a great deal of issues that one must work out. For instance above the rather annoying raid strategies, we are also dealing with a slight profession change in this update to the game. Certainly you can find details on and, but really those aren't in-game to help your sorry ass out now, are they?

And for the second part of this update post, we thus deal with the guides, who were already updated for all the new content several days ago. That includes the tricky new raid schemes, alongside all the slight, but significant profession changes. For instance some ultra rare added items that sell like crazy and bring you loads of gold ... Just saying ... So guides such as, Zygor (for general gaming), Dugi (for leveling) and Tycoon (for gold making tips) should really be the aces in your sleeve if you seek to prove yourself in Azeroth, my fellow gamer ... For a few more details drop by Wow patch 5.2 trailer and guides updates and get a fill in on all the stuff that's fresh in terms of gaming on Blizzard and not only! Till next time then ... 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru Review

Time for some serious first person shooter game guide review. So the online product for this week is yet again one of those game related guides which you all love so much, more exactly this time we are dealing with something called Black Ops 2 Guru. This guide here basically takes one amateur player and transforms him into an it ... (a killing machine to be more precise). 

The guide is tuned up for both online and offline game modes, so please be sure to include that into consideration if you are thinking about getting something like this (otherwise, just keep browsing). Plus you also gain access to plenty training videos in high definition so that you may see exactly how the strategies are supposed to work.

Anyways for the full review and more info drop by: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru Guide Review. And also be sure to stay tuned for some game guide updates here on Online Product Reviews, proudly hosted on!