Monday, January 30, 2012

Millionaire Society - Bonus

Open the door and claim the treasure inside! WARNING!
DO NOT CLICK HERE! (the giant could be watching ...)
As I assume you all know ... a good service is known by the type and quality of the stuff it offers. So if you haven't yet checked out Millionaire Society I suggest you do, and please try to pay good attention at the few tips that are "handed out" for FREE in the videos they use to present the products! Now they exist ... so please pay attention! I had to watch them 3 times before I got what they actually referred to (Apple and the Platypus are the keywords you must seek!). Other then this there are some other aspects worth mentioning, such as the affiliate center (follow the link and then scroll down on the page with video till you find the "affiliates" page) and the other "hidden" products they have at some real special prices! I shall not give out anymore details because you will find them all on the website! Honestly now I strongly suggest you join in order to make the best of this chance, however as I have said even if you will just simply browse the FREE and open areas of the website at Millionaire Society you will still find plenty of useful info and tips on how to improve your revenues from online business! Now for the newbies, just go the affiliate page and start viewing the videos because I guess that is a good way to start learning (for FREE even!!!). Come on guys, why are you still here? Just go on and do something useful, please! Thank you! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Millionaire Society - Review

Be Unique - Just like the Platypus 
So then after all the stuff that happened I am a bit dazzled, so then it took me some time to find something decent but finally I managed to find something decent! Anyway I can't make this easy or simple under no circumstances so I shall split it into more posts, First thing I shall start with is a new product I found that goes by the name of ...
The Millionaire Society. Anyway the gig is pretty new, and I can understand a opportunity when I see one! Again it is all about money so I decided to make it a short Review! When you want to start an online business you need to know a few basics, Now I could present you some on this website, however they don't always work as expected, so then please let me tell you that you must search for something unique if you hope to have any success whatsoever. Unique just as a goddamn Platypus, anyway you will see more of Peter in the intro, still it is worth watching and enjoying as well! So if you want to hit the jackpot this is something you will need to use and be a part of something bigger! By the way once you join you will have access to millions more of interesting features so I do hope you will at least have the patience to take a good hard look at the video (about 20 mins). Well then without any other useless waste of time I give you,

Millionaire Society - Full Time Coaching

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Megaupload - Closed

Well I was just preparing to upload a .rar archive with all the videos about domaing in order to share them with you all. And when I enter megaupload I actually happen to find out that they just got shut down, for good ... (possibly for life, for some serious offenses). Yet still if I got things correctly, the SOPA act wasn't even accepted just yet (it will be passed on 24th January). Still I just don't understand how on earth do they allow websites to work for ages and then shut them down on an instant. No offense but this a bit weird don't you people believe this?

Well anyway perhaps I will upload my files to another host and enjoy the freedom (as long as it still lasts, because no offense but it actually seems that we are quite close to the totalitarian system once again). Under a different name and banner, but still it is just the same ...

As I have said comrades, let us enjoy peace and serenity while it still lasts!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Domaining - Sell It!

Finally! The part you have all been waiting for, regardless of what you think, please consider that this is actually a proven method of earning money online! Now if you have watched all the 7 videos in the series you know what this is all about, if not then please scroll down or search for them at the archives and watch them. Good! Now straight to the facts, once you have acquired a good domain name, and you have  flipped it, it is time to SELL IT! This final video will teach you just how to do that! People, it was a pleasure helping you out! Now if you have managed to actually earn something out of this please be as kind as to tell us all by leaving a comment! Until the next lessons and/or products have a nice life everyone!

Domaining - Flip It!

Now on to the interesting part! In order to able to sell your domain and hopefully earn much more then you have paid for it, there is one tiny winy little thing that needs to be taken good care of. If you are unfamiliar to the terms (and I guess you are) I do strongly suggest that you pay attention to the video and learn how can you FLIP! your domains and make them worth awhile! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Domaining - Passive Income (Optional)

Well, by now you should know how to get a domain, so then I see only fit, that I teach you how to make money out of it, aye? Just kidding ... Now pay close attention and if you have a proper domain name you can try to pull this trick out and get some nice extra bucks just for having it! 

Please note that this lesson is optional and you do not have to do this unless you want to. Remember that our goal here is to SELL the domain! However if you are pleased with less money for a longer period of time, then I suggest you take a good look at this too. Enjoy!

Domaining - Register a Domain

Well this is pretty simple, the example video uses as an example however you can use any host or any service to acquire and register a domain name, obviously once you found a good one, which will later bring you profit! Now enough with the chat and please enjoy the show!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Domaining - Find Profitable Domain Names

Well this is pretty simple, and it is as much a question of maths as it is of imagination. In this video you will find   out how to find and acquire profitable domain names, which you will later learn how to sell hopefully for a decent profit! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Domaining - Avoid This

Before actually starting to make money using this method they called domaining (buying and selling domain names for those who are new to this word) you must learn what you should not do! Please pay attention and try to keep in mind the tips given!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Domaining - Intro

Before you start doing anything new, first thing you must go through is obviously a short introduction. In this case you will learn more about how this money making method works and you will get familiarized with certain websites and services that you will constantly use if you decide to try this out. As always I ask you all to pay close attention and put everything into practice once you get in hang of it. 
Cheers and Enjoy the Show!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Why just visit, when you can profit from them?
Perhaps some of you people have heard about this, others (myself included) this whole story seems to be pretty new. So I recently came across a few videos which seem to explain how can one make money using only domain names by a thing called Domaining (no website, no marketing) just buy a domain and sell it! Pretty simple right? Well it is not quite that simple as it seems, it never is actually, however after doing some research I did notice that this stuff has been around for ages, more exactly a few long years, ever since people could buy their own .com and .org domains. Well enough with the chit chat, let us get down to business. As I have said I am a petty beginner when it comes to domaining so don't storm me with questions if you don't understand something! Anyway be free to comment and do your own research if you find the video training interesting. Now if I do recall, the video contains 7 clips each being very specific and detailed, so if you watch them carefully you should understand how the whole system works! Here's the plan:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Avoid This
  3. Find Profitable Names
  4. Register Your Domain
  5. Make Passive Income (optional)
  6. Flip It
  7. Sell It
Alright, so I will be uploading these 7 videos pretty soon, so please, stay tuned and don't forget to enjoy the show, after that's what it's all about, is it?!