Saturday, January 21, 2012

Megaupload - Closed

Well I was just preparing to upload a .rar archive with all the videos about domaing in order to share them with you all. And when I enter megaupload I actually happen to find out that they just got shut down, for good ... (possibly for life, for some serious offenses). Yet still if I got things correctly, the SOPA act wasn't even accepted just yet (it will be passed on 24th January). Still I just don't understand how on earth do they allow websites to work for ages and then shut them down on an instant. No offense but this a bit weird don't you people believe this?

Well anyway perhaps I will upload my files to another host and enjoy the freedom (as long as it still lasts, because no offense but it actually seems that we are quite close to the totalitarian system once again). Under a different name and banner, but still it is just the same ...

As I have said comrades, let us enjoy peace and serenity while it still lasts!

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