Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to become a game tester?

Pretty good question aye? Well it has two simple answers, mostly with the same outcome however in two very different ways!

  1. Hard and Long Way - You go to college, get a degree and then sign up and hopefully they will pick you!
  2. Easy and Smart Way - You get a good a recommendation and if you are lucky they will pick you, if you do your job well, they will get back to you ... 
Well guys I guess some of you might have already been through this so you know just how painstaking can it to be to write a decent resume and are perfectly aware that even with one such CV the chance of success still lies mostly in what people and game studios you contact, am I right? 

Now for the good news, one of them testers that really know their job decided to share in and made this website to help out chaps like you and me work their way up the ladder in a much easier way! I will spare you the useless and boring details and give you directly the link to my full review so that you may know exactly what this website is about and then off  course you can always visit the website and check things out for yourself, who knows you might yet become a tester ... Full review on Strategy-Game-Guides.Com at Become a game tester Review

Sunday, November 4, 2012

FIFA Millionaire Review

Now quite recently I have managed to find some time and write something about a very cool EA Sports game, aka FIFA! Due to the implementation of the new coin and team system it has became quite difficult to harvest enough coins to make it big in the online gaming world of soccer!

Here come in the guys from with their guide on how to make millions by trading in the online football market offered by EA. The guide is rather complex and interesting but to be very specific I must say that the whole so-called review can be found over by Fifa Millionaire Review, feel free to check out the website and watch the video that they have to offer or just simply drop by my blog and read the full review if you are still unconvinced of the valor this guide has!