Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zygor Guides vs Dynasty Addons

Altighy then so today's products include two of the best WoW Guides & Addons providers out there that had a huge success with fans worldwide, I for one had great feedbck on both these products from all the people who found out about them through one of my blogs, so what more is there to say except the fact that they're both good in the truest sense of the word. One question might linger though, as ... which one is the best? Well that's quite difficult to answer, but to tell you the truth it all comes down to what you need from your favored Warcraft Guide. Now as one with a bit of experience (like 3 years by now) in talking about stuff like this, I've made a small article here: Zygor Guides vs Dynasty Addons for y'all.


Long story short, both guide providers have good quality stuff, excellent customer support and more than decent prices, but their services variate in terms of covered field, such as Dynasty has Tycoon as their exclusive gold guide, while Zygor doesn't have a dedicated gold guide, but it has a section on how to monetize your professions. And many other examples of sorts plus a few other personal opinions on which service I found more useful in a certain situation can be found there, take a look if you will and enjoy the good times playing.