Alternative Energy

In order to learn much more about what all this article about allow me to suggest you some good websites that closely relate to the topic that I will debate in this article, you may either visit them now, and read the article later, or first you could read the article I created and visit them after, either way is fine, but in order to better understand this whole phenomenon, I do suggest doing both, if you are truly interested:

So then, before I begin talking more widely about my own point of view regarding alternative energy I want to make a short description of what this means as seen on all of the websites I just recommended above. Alternative energy is better referred to as an energy source which is virtually infinite. Such as the energy provided by water, sun, air, heath of the earth (thermal energy) and so on, oh yes and off course other types of sources that are not polluting or aren't harmful to the environment any other way. Alternative energy includes as I've said solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy and others. As most of you have been hearing all over the news our planet is in danger, due to the various factors that influence it's state. The worst of these factors is humanity itself, but that's not important for now ... To be honest I don't want to bother you about how important is the environment or to remind you that you should use a bike instead of a car, there are enough non-profit organizations that do that. What I'm trying to say is that we should look beyond all these surface stuff and see the true potential behind alternative energy.
Custom home made Solar Panels
    As I already said I won't be moralizing anyone with usless things about going green or any other stupid things like that. The true meaning of this page is to let you know how much can you save by using these alternative energy sources. Take the northen countries for example, they switched to alternative energy a long time ago and they had nothing to lose, even better they are among the healthyest people on the face of the planet,  and are also having more money then anyone, publicly speaking. Either way, putting things into balance the alternative sources wins nearly all of the sections. Tell me, have you ever wondered why hasn't the world switched already to alternative energy and  why do we keep using petrol and oil to fuel our power plants?. In case you don't know the answer you should consider that people who are responsible of the implementation of such measures also own the oil business, and technicaly speaking there are still enough resources to keep the engines going for the following 50 years. I'm not sure if the planet is going to last that long though, provided we'll keep polluting in this rythm, but as I've said that's another story. To make things clear please check out the main site for the products I've found that fit in the alternative energy tag. Yes and don't worry about the prices, most of you might tell me that getting a set of solar panels goes up to 20,000 $. Well most of the products I'm featuring are e-books/guides that help you better understand and even explain how to make your own alternative energy sources, that applies for solar panles and much more. I recently heared on a forum that someone managed to build a full set of solar panels for less then 500 $. That's pretty impresive. And off course except having the thrill of building your own custom made sources, in many cases this products have proven better then the ones you buy from a store for 100 times the price. Obviously it depends on how much work you are ready to put into it. So then, for more products and info I invite you to go check out all the posts filled in under the Alternative Energy label, and who knows, as far as I am concerned you are just steps away from going green and saving a lot of money in the process. Good Luck!