Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wow Patch 6.2 Guides

So you all know by now that patch 6.2 is just around the corner as the PTR is up and running for quite some time now. As such I thought it would be good to talk a little about what goodies and updates this new version will be bringing about. Obviously I will be doing it in a most obnoxious manner and without any regard to any kind of rules, ranting, cursing around and about without any respect for anything except for the way in which everything is written. Yesterday we got a new PTR update on the devlog and I must confess that things look good, however there still is plenty of work to be done and hopefully the new content will get back at least some of the 3 million recent drop-outs. Anyways you can read the full post right here: WoW 6.2 Patch Guide.


And that is about it. Some of the topics covered include the new raid (Archi returns!), features such as the old dungeon revamping system and obviously the good old token system. There is some talk about a few guides out there that are still pretty good despire their long run and obvious drawbacks (such as gold guides when you can literally buy gold through the token system). And a few more surprises.