Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dynasty Addons for WoW

The petite for today will include the new and improved version for Tycoon, Booster, Edge and Impulse Addons, in other words, Dynasty Addons. Manaview re-launched their four guides with a new name and new look making them even easier to use and a lot more helpful. Anyways if we are to keep it short then it would be something like this:

edge talent addon by dynasty addons

  • Tycoon - Gold Making Addon that covers and provides aid with everything from farming, crafting and selling whatever you can in order to make tons of gold coins in-game.
  • Booster - Speed Leveling Addon that provides the fastest leveling routes with quest chooser, paths, grinding places and all the other crazy leveling stuff you need. 
  • Edge - Talent, Spec and Glyph Addon that provides the best character build for any kind of situation you might find yourself in-game, regardless of class, place, level faction etc. 
  • Impulse - Keys and Macros Addon for that PRO keyboard build you always needed  and with an instant flip for changes that are required when switching between raiding, leveling or pvping. 
  • Full Review for Dynasty can be found here: Warcraft Dynasty Addons Review
impulse keys and macros addons by dynasty

So bascially all these four separte addons were updated for the latest patch (5.4.7) and of what I 've heard they intend to keep'em ready and waiting for the Warlords of Draenor update that will come with version 6.0. Anyways for more info on the topic there's this article here: Dynasty Addons for WoW Update. Feel free to check that out if you will as well and don't forget to revisit for more updates on the best online products you may find out there, especially in the field of gaming.