Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Booster Speed Leveling Guide

Bringing you nothing else but the best (or maybe not quite the best, more like mediocre) products on the whole goddamn web. All you have to do is ... A bit too commercial right? Well let's put it otherwise. Here's one other World of Warcraft Guide (leveling this time) and although it may not be as good or as well made as those of Zygor or you know ... Dugi, this one too has some nice potential!

"Updated for Mists of Pandaria" - Really it's kind of a cliche!

Check out the full review (if you will off course) -> Right there -> There -> No wait!!! It's this one: Booster Speed Leveling Addon on me main blog and be amazed. It's the only guide (that actually sells) and hasn't updated the whole page to Mists of Pandaria look (just a small tiny winie imagie such as this one me left makes you know that the damn thing works on version 5.x.x as well (5.2 in this case if short term memory serves)). 

Well anyways, go check the damn thing out and be amazed on how fast you can level a bloody character (ANY Character ... No kidding) with quest guide, class guide, profession guide and even ... Leveling Guide (I mean this includes the others, but anyway). Plus in-game access to Wowhead database with comments and much more! (Always loved this expression :)) and "So much more"). Just be a bunch of nice fellas and go check things out for yourselves! Happy Leveling then!

P.S. Too many things I guess ... Meh, it'll do really!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WoW Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2 Update

Finally we are one patch closer to the mighty promised finale of the Pandaria saga as well! Blizzard updated a few days ago to version 5.2 entitled (very epicly otherwise) "The Thunder King". Virtually the patch is all about the new island where you get to kill new boss that somehow fits in the Pandaren lore plus they also give you new items which should be quite interesting to wear.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Updated
But really now that's not our concern here. What bothers us are the guides and programs those 10% top players use and which we try to convince the rest 90% to buy! Stuff like Zygor Guides, Tyccon Gold Addon, Dugi Leveling guides and any other similar (but not as good stuff as these)!

Surely if you'd like to read a few things about their updates feel free to visit the full post over by my main website Strategy Game Guides.Com and for the post -> World of Warcraft - Patch 5.2

Well that's quite it for now, keep up for more news about the updates these bastards throw into our face.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

WoW In-Game Talent Guide

So guys this the second addon from the four series made the guys over at (who are actually quite good at making these sort of things, in case you were wondering). This addon here is called Edge, because that's what it does, it gives you that "edge" you people need in order to be among the top 10% World of Warcraft players! 

Ah, the good old Armory, I always loved this! What about you fellas? 
I just made a full more or less detailed review for this baby over by so do feel free to check it out right there -> Wow Edge Talent Guide! Now most of the details you need are there, however I will only be mentioning you a few other important things here!

  • There are 3 more addons on half the price, if you get this one, and all are rocking of your socks!
  • The updates are all free for a lifetime membership 
  • All of them (although you may not see it on the webpage yet) have been updated for Mists of Pandaria content
  • The use of them is just simply incredible, not even mention easy and cheap to get
  • Don't be fooled, there isn't anything such as this on web!
Well if you might search carefully maybe you'll find some interesting stuff, but still, usually you need at least 5 addons to give the result of Edge, and even so it still fails in giving you the Edge, because only The Edge Addon can truly give you the real EDGE!

In case you miss these, please get over it, they are gone for good, now it is the time of updates! Can you handle them? 
Maybe I have overreacted a little, but do believe, the stuff actually works, and as a testimony we have the thousands of happy customers! So check the review out and then visit the darn place, who knows maybe you'll actually find it useful!