Thursday, March 14, 2013

Heart of Swarm Launch & Guides

A couple of days ago (as I assume all of you gaming fans are well aware) Blizzard finally launched the expansion for Starcraft 2. Heart of the Swarm brings plenty of new stuff in terms of units, several gameplay improvements and more ... However one of the aspects I appreciate the most will be the campaign and off course the opportunity to kick some serious ass in the multiplayer games.

Getting straight to the core of the problem it is good to tell you that some guidance might be required for some of you lesser players ... And if somehow you are one of them, I also have some updated guides ready to make you a serious SC 2 ass kicker! Just swing by Heart of the Swarm Release Guides and check out my full article on the expansion and off course on the new guides which have also undergone several major updates to include the Heart of the Swarm content as well. Now off with you, Kerrigan is waiting for me ...

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