Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Official WoW Patch 5.2 Updates

Yet another short update for the ever expanding world/game collection of Warcraft! The Thunder King, the patch 5.2 raid is finally ready to be challenged and along side with this off course a great deal of issues that one must work out. For instance above the rather annoying raid strategies, we are also dealing with a slight profession change in this update to the game. Certainly you can find details on wowhead.com and battle.net, but really those aren't in-game to help your sorry ass out now, are they?

And for the second part of this update post, we thus deal with the guides, who were already updated for all the new content several days ago. That includes the tricky new raid schemes, alongside all the slight, but significant profession changes. For instance some ultra rare added items that sell like crazy and bring you loads of gold ... Just saying ... So guides such as, Zygor (for general gaming), Dugi (for leveling) and Tycoon (for gold making tips) should really be the aces in your sleeve if you seek to prove yourself in Azeroth, my fellow gamer ... For a few more details drop by Wow patch 5.2 trailer and guides updates and get a fill in on all the stuff that's fresh in terms of gaming on Blizzard and not only! Till next time then ... 

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