Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Search Engine Optimization Stats
So ... whenever you talk about making money online you talk about traffic, regardless of what you have in mind, meaning what method you want to use, more then 90% of them require traffic in order to earn you money. So before talking about how to make the money (like the methods that I wanted to explain here) we must talk about traffic and how to get it to your blog or website. Still I am not that good of a teacher, so I will let the ones better then me explain how stuff works. However what I'm going to say is that the most important tool of traffic you can get atm and asap is Google and the many other search engines, however especially G! Get noticed by them and more then 50% of the work is done. Now straight to the point ... there is a free course online that I found very interesting and that proved very useful to me when starting my work online. The course is called SEO Dominion and it's made by Brad Callen, so in the following posts I will share them with you, and I do hope that you will find them just as useful as I did.

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