Friday, February 11, 2011

Tesla Secrets

Most of you must have heared about Nikola Tesla. The serbian inventor that found some very unique and powerful ways to manipulate electricity. Well even if you've heared of him or you didn't that's not quite the important part at this moment. What matters is that his secrets were talking about creating a mini power plant which could fuel any home with electricity for a long time. Again birocracy and corporations took control of the situation and ruined Tesla before his dream would ever become reality, and offcourse kept his idea secret for a long time. However some people claim to have found the secret formula and designs that he created a century ago, which could help anyone knowing a little physics, to create his own energy source. Well enough with the talk and down to business. It's all about this guide, that is said to contain instructions to help out anyone build the so called Tesla Battery. (this should be enough to power a normal american home for at least a few years). The e-book costs around 49 $ and can be purchased from

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