Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coffe Shop Millionaire pre-launch

The Coffe Shop Millionaire himself, Anthony Trister. (at work as you can see)

OK so as I've been saying to you guys, that I will let you know how things unfold in the story of the
"Coffe Shop Millionaire", it seems that they decided to do a pre-launch test by  accepting customers for a limited time and discount offer. You can find it all at  CS Millionaire. Discounts plus many more secret prizes await those joining now before the actual launch, which will occur on 17th this month as I was saying. So if you want to learn from the best in this business, Anthony is your man, he's the type of person that went from nothing to 21 millions in only a few years. And now he decided to share this recipe with everyone! Please note that hard work is awaiting those who are planning for this sort of business, but the results should be more then enough to motivate anyone willing to try and take his chance online. I'll let you all know when the actual launch starts, and when the product will be finally available in it's final version. Until then visit the site at Coffe Shop Millionaire and feel free to browse the content and analyze the menthods yourselves, see if they actually fir your needs or if they don't. Either way I wish you all best luck out there and godspeed!

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