Friday, September 26, 2014

Warlords 6.0.2 Updates and Thoughts

So there could be a lot possible ways in which this new expansion will be played out, but by the looks of it everything should be done pretty well and it probably will just raise the number of subs back on Warcraft back towards that all time max of over 10 M, but wether it will do this or not remains a question that just simply has to many unknowns in the equation. I for one surely hope for the best, but you know, nobody knows how will everything workout.


Anyways here's what we know so far: Blizzard has certainly come a long way from the good old days of vanilla servers that basically had a long and tedious process of leveling, a painstaking pvp ranking and a truly badass raiding system where it took 40 guys to take down a dragon, which could wipe us all out with only whip of his tail if that were his whim. Either way Warlords of Draenor has truly brought the game to a whole new level and part of this can be seen in this review article that I managed to come up with after almost four hours of work (Warlords 6.0.2 Changes and Ideas). Do check that out if you feel like having a laugh while also doing some more serious reading and interpretations on the facts know  so far from the beta and off course don't forget to check out the recommended guides. (Cause after all this whole damn blog was started to review products, which became gaming products, that in turn became warcraft guides ... Quite an odd progression that is if you think about it for a while). 

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