Saturday, July 5, 2014

Product Update: Tycoon Addon for Patch 5.4.8

A few weeks ago the boys from Blizz updated their best selling game to patch 5.4.8 (one of the many small updates in the series of 5.4 - Siege of Orgrimmar updates). With that update they fixed plenty of minor issues and also added enough new content to have everyone shut up about the new and improved Warlords expansion that is coming this fall. With the update and those new items and item upgrades a couple of new gold making opportunities were made and the boys from Dynasty didn't think twice before adding those to their latest version of the Tycoon Addon that was already working on the latest patch.


Now off course you could check that out and enjoy the last couple of months playing Mists of Pandaria or you could just simply go for Hearthstone and forget all the stupidities surrounding the updates and the guides and the gold and the leveling issues that Warcraft poses. But just to keep you in the game there are plenty of guides for Hearthstone out there as well and the game itself can become quite costy if you are really getting into it. But about that we'll speak in the following update whenever that may be.

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