Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pwnboxer Wow Strategy

Damn ... Long time no see yet again! You know what this be meaning, aye? Update!!!! (all caps rage not allowed at the moment due to spammy reasons). This time on the operating table we have an intro post to the Multiboxing software that goes by the name of Pwnboxer.

So to speak you get to play and control (through the software) 5 or more characters at once (provided you have that many accounts and you are so desperate)! But let us not speak of the details and focus on the darn benefits. We so have: Solo Dungeons, Solo Leveling (all the way plus 5 different characters at max level at one time), PvP Ownage, Bg's and Arenas (This might be a bit problematic ... Somehow ...) AND SO MUCH MORE!!! (Caps rage restriction lifted for a moment)! 

Anyways check out the full little article over by World of Warcraft Multiboxing Strategy and then go and speak your mind on whether things are as you hoped or no. Plus quit trying to get the damn thing for free. You won't find it! Thank you.

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