Friday, June 28, 2013

Patch 5.4 Guides and Addons

So the upcoming products that interest me are getting yet another update pretty soon because as you all know (I mean at least those of you who actually play video games ... like cool video games), World of Warcraft is getting ready for one final update in Mists of Pandaria (Patch 5.4 aka The Siege of Orgrimmar). 

Obviously that along the general and feature updates there will plenty of other new and intriguing stuff that will more or less give you an advantage, should you do it the right, or it will leave you behind if you miss out on them. Thus the guides (and addons) that I spoke of (mainly Zygor for almost anything in-game, Tycoon for Gold and Dugi for leveling) are getting updated to support version 5.4 as well.

So if you are already a member of these joints then you should get the updates for free or if you have not joined yet, then keep in mind that for a one-time fee you get all the benefits for quite a long period. For a few more info on the updates drop by WoW 5.4 PTR Guides & Addons and find out more about each guide, addon or new game feature update that you like.

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