Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some more wow 5.3 Updates

This here has to be one them best mounts in-game ...
Keeping this as short as possible, I have to say that updates on the last patch of Mists of Pandaria just keep on coming, and believe or not things get even more interesting by each new mount, pet or zone added.

Just to give a few short hints, there will be plenty of new scenarios (along the battleground, arena and Brawler's Guild challenges which i already mentioned), also the arena season moves on with a serious new gladiator set and mount, plus the mighty Darkspear Rebellion which will set the stage for the Siege of Orgrimmar and the Fall of Hellscream and his Kor'kron Vanguard! Plus off course the mighty mounts which include the new Pegasus (shown in the pic above), the faerie dragon, armored dragonhawk and steel warhorse. Plus them cute pets out of which we'll mention the baby direhorn (see in the previous post) and the unborn val'kyr.

In terms of guides (cause these are after all our interest) we have confirmed news that Zygor will be updating soon after the official launch, while the chaps of manaview will come with their Tycoon and Booster Addons soon after. Yep you heard that well, Booster Leveling Addon is back in the game with an updated interface perfectly designed for Mists of Pandaria! But off course as usual, for more info drop by the main blog and check the whole article out here: More Patch 5.3 Update News where you'll get the full description of them updates alongside with a small selection of pictures.

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