Thursday, April 18, 2013

Candy Crush Secrets Guide

So recently this game started to go really viral and despite the fact it's been out since 2011, it only hit over 50 million users only a few weeks ago. Now the aim of Candy Crush is rather simple, crush the candies fast and well in order to make the most points and advance to higher levels. To even further complicate things, new levels are added on a weekly basis (like 15 every week) hitting a grand total of 350+ levels at the time I'm writing this ...

And now for the product. Since the game is played on Facebook or smartphones (which still offer you the possibility to upload your score and brag about it (which by the way became a seriously known phenomenon  - bragging about your damn candy crush score). So in order to beat your friends you can either play 24/7 or you can just simply drop by Candy Crush Secrets Review to check out my own review of this sick system that helps you beat the crap out of all of your friends at crushing virtual candies. Just go and check the damn things yourself and get convinced that this online product aka Facebook Gaming Guide is the Real Deal!

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