Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strategy Guides for Heart of the Swarm

So y'all know that Blizz is launching next month the expansion for SC 2, called Heart of the Swarm, which continues the story left off in Wings of Liberty, this time having the main character of Jimmy Raynor replaced with the beautiful Sarah Kerrigan aka The Former Queen of Blades! As an extra to the story the game also suffers several serious updates and that's just why we are going to talk about some of them at some point.

For now let's just take a good look at two of the best guides which will most likely prove invaluable to us once the game updates! Starcraft 2 Secrets Revealed is one of them! Having some nice tips and tricks contained in both videos and pdf, plus some in-game features as well, make this guide worth our attention!

Second guide is called Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide, this one focuses mainly on HD crystal clear training videos (very similar to those Blizzard uses for tips), plus the members area is gorgeously designed and the whole site just simply has a pro aura emanating out of it! To quote the arbiters from the old game "We fell your presence" all over the game! Some recent testimonials say that they've managed to hit diamond rank without even trying hard just by using the tips, tricks and materials  provided by Shokz!

Now both these have been updated with scarce Heart of the Swarm content at this very moment, but the webmasters clearly stated that as soon as the game is officially released, they will also update the entire content for the expansion as well. And off course the new content is free for existing members and it won't add anything to the base price of the guide, even if you join later, so if interested feel free to read the full article here -> Heart of the Swarm Training Guides and check out both official guide websites for the content they provide!

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