Saturday, February 9, 2013

Impulse Keybinds and Macros Addon

Alright so guys so this one is pretty neat and simple. A cool addon that changes your keybinds and create you pro in-game macros, so that you may use some of the best configs for your character. By using the settings given by the addon, the character (regardless of class or level), becomes an all-star pro.

Keybinds and Macros for World of Warcraft

Feel free to check out the full review I got covered on my main gaming blog, strategy game right here - Impulse Addon Review. Also be sure to know that the updates are included and free for any upcoming game version changes on Mists of Pandaria and all the other patches and expansions!

Till next time then, best of luck to y'all and don't forget to always keep your game high up, because if you go down, there isn't no one out there to pull you out! (why did I even say that? ... no freaking idea, anyways it sounded pretty cool aye?)

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