Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Products of the Month - April 2012 (Green Products)

Green Products - For a brighter tomorrow! 
So as I have said in previous occasions, I will try to create a top every now and then with the most accessed products that I reviewed in here! As you know (or as you can tell by scrolling down the main page) the theme for April 2012 was Green Products Pack! So then we ended up having some interesting and helpful products from that niche. Anyway one does not compare to another one so please let us take a look and see which one was the best and then which followed close by ...

  1. Earth 4 Energy
  2. Make Power at Home
  3. My Solar Plans
Well then there you have it ladies and gentlemen the top 3 products reviewed in April on the Online Products Blog! Ah, yes and I almost forgot, There are are also two older reviews which also became very popular with the public ...

So to say with these being  told, the Green Products Pack has come to an end! Thank you for stopping by and I warmly invite you to return in a few days and find out what will be the next theme here at OPB!


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