Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Solar Plans

Honestly I wanted to find some more interesting stuff to post about these kind of products, but it appears that the owners had some difficulties with the scripts, so I remain out of a little package with one (almost free) handout, if I may call it like that!

My Homemade Custom Solar Panels (
In the previous discussions we talked about just how important can alternative energy (of any sort it may be) to any household! Not just that you help the environment, but also you save a huge amount of money! One of the best ways to switch is by installing some solar panels! Problem is that they are extremely expensive and quite frankly pretty hard to get and install afterwards! Now what do you do in this case? I for one thought that it would be best to think of it like this ... "If you can't buy one, just make your own!", Luckily, there were plenty others that did this before and after searching the marketplace a little guess what came up! An interesting website of someone creating his own panels at home, to be honest it was quite hard to believe it, but after a little research I found out that in fact that is the way you do it, obviously you just need too drop by My Solar Plans and have a look (watch the video for proof) and after (if you are pleased with the results, you may order the full manual in order to start building your solar panels. 

It is quite funny, because a full pricing for a set of solar panels goes way beyond thousands of dollars (certainly it is worth it), however after finishing my calculations, I made mine for less then a thousand dollars (all mats included, and "tinkering" done at home in the free time). Anyway, I must confess that I am pretty pleased with them and that things have actually worked out pretty well1 So if you were seeking for this when you arrived on this page please go by My Solar Plans and learn how to create your own custom panels! 

TIP: When you are on the page just scroll to the upper left side to get an exclusive discount offer! 

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