Friday, April 18, 2014

Hearthstone Guides & Strategies

So the newest and hottest stuff on the market is yet another game that bears the logo of Blizzard and it goes by the name of Hearthstone. Obviously as with any game from Blizzard (Diablo, Starcraft or Warcraft) there are a lot of bastards who seek to earn a profit from selling guides on "how to beat the game" and become a true ranked legend in play and arena mode. About those and a couple more issues (among them a nice free and much interesting guide and database website and a few words on the game itself and the coming updates on the singleplayer mode and all that ...) The link to the full article is right here -> Hearthstone Strategies and Guides. Do check it out and make sure you pay a visit to all the recommended websites as well (Hearthstone Ownage, Secrets and Domination).

hearthstone strategies

With these being told I believe that we've said all that there is about this wee post and I hope you will be back soon for more product reviews from the wide world of gaming, discussed and analyzed in a rather not so serious fashion that you will most certainly enjoy. In terms of Hearthstone we might just discuss moe thorougly the three guides at some point in the future and also analyze how the game will fare with the new "Curse of Naxxramas" mini-expansion set that it will receieve soon enough.

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