Sunday, February 9, 2014

Learn the League - Product Feature

So there was quite a serious amount of time spent on searching for a decent guide that I could feature on the blog and not feel sorry about it later on. Such as it is after a serious time spent searching I ended up with a small guide for League of Legends entitled: Learn the League. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the game nor of the genre (online arena based PvP hardcore action), but after seeing how much this guide grew into popularity in such a short time, I really decided to give it a shot.

Well truth be told I wasn't all that disappointed so that in the end I actually ended up with this small article here: Learn the League Preview. Feel free to check it out and read a thing or two about it and if somehow you're one of them hardcore players of LoL, you might just find it more useful than a good-for-nothing starter such as myself, at least that's what I felt like when going through it. Anyways since I got a pretty nice starting boost with a game I bearly played for a few days, I can honestly conclude that the guide works well enough for both newbies and veterans and that Ciderhelm, the creator, did an awesome job with it.

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