Saturday, December 22, 2012

WoW In-Game Gold Addon

Since we're talking about GOLD ... Feast your eyes on this! :)
Now I will try to be very fast a thorough with this! You know guys as the new patch 5.1 got live a few weeks ago and before that as the new and long awaited expansion of Mists of Pandaria got live there have been significant changes in terms of gold making (like to the best or the worst depending on how smart your game is). In case you still struggle with searching for item prices and best farming places and best deals on buying and reselling, allow me to make this clear:

The game is too big and you can't possibly know everything and searching for individual strategies takes time (which should otherwise be spent gaming for the love of ... <insert unnecessary divinity name here> ). To solve this in the best and smartest way there exists a tiny program called Tycoon Gold Addon which simplifies everything in terms of gold making (and when I say everything I really mean it!). 

Plus the damn addon has also been updated for the new content and is continually under development and yes off course it is approved by Blizzard because mainly the only thing it provides is the info that sites such as wowhead provide anyway, just that in a much more efficient way (starting to get the picture aye?) Good!

For more details or for a full review do feel free to to drop by my blog and read it over at And that's quite it for now, be back with more soon after a short (or not so short commercial break). Peace!

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