Sunday, October 7, 2012

Game Copy Wizard - Review

Now I finally managed to find time and review one more product! Although it has a lot to do with games and gaming stuff (which I am proudly calling my new blogging topic) ... This product also has plenty of potential (this being one of the reasons I am discussing it here as well on my good old products blog).

So in other words Game Copy Wizard is the software you need in order to create backups for all your favorite games (works on any platform from Nintento do Playstaion and off course PC) it comes with a very decent price tag plus free updates (unlike plenty of other similar software). 

It should also be quite helpful in creating backups for virtually anything that fits the size of a CD/DVD so it can be used very nicely as a multi-tasked program.

*Second reason is that I really missed posting something and what better place to start than with the things you have already worked on for so long. Hope to be back soon enough with more useful stuff!

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